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East Coast Management Solutions takes pride in caring for our clients and their needs. The approach we take is what allows us to continue to meet each client’s expectations.

It does not matter if you have a large apartment complex, small condos, or something in the middle – we can help you with your property management needs. 

We want to make life easier for you while taking on the workload that you may have been handling by yourself for a while.

Stress-free lettings. Like it should be.
East Coast Management Solutions takes pride in caring for our clients and their needs
We Play an Active Role in Helping Our Clients

While on our home page, you will get the chance to learn more about East Coast Management Solutions and what we can do for you. 

As a property management team, we play an active and important role in helping our clients complete their daily property-related tasks. We offer numerous services that can make your life easier.

We offer a management solutions package that consists of several important tasks, such as:
We offer many services to our clients and these are just some of the ones you can benefit from using!
Take advantage of what we have to offer and you simply cannot go wrong.
We Believe in Being Transparent

Unlike other property management companies, we are very transparent and open with our clients. We want to keep you in the loop, making sure you are updated on what is going on with your property. 

You need to know when situations arise, and we will make sure that you are aware of anything important right away. You can contact us as often as you need us and ask questions when you have them for us. 

Transparency is important to us and we believe it is something we must provide if we want to strengthen our working relationships with our wonderful clients.

We Can Create Custom Plans Based on Your Needs

You may need to use some of the services we offer, but that does not mean that you need to use all the services we provide. If you only need help with certain things, we have no problem creating a custom plan for you based on your needs. 

You might want to have us screen potential tenants, perform background checks, and collect the rent for you. If these are things you do not have the time to do and you would like to have someone else do the work for you, East Coast Management Solutions has got you covered. 

As you can tell by reading through our home page, we are dedicated to getting things done. We will handle the property management tasks that you have for us on time.

You Can Expect Us to Respond Quickly

Nothing is more frustrating for the owner of a property than trying to get in touch with a property management company without having any success. We would never do that to our clients. 

If you have concerns or need our immediate assistance, you can give us a call and expect us to respond quickly. We are not going to make you wait for the help you might need to get from us.

After all, the reason you are choosing to work with us in the first place is that you need extra help, not extra stress.

We Are Knowledgeable Professionals

Aside from offering many services that our clients feel are convenient, we are also incredibly knowledgeable about the real estate industry. We know a lot about tenant and landlord laws and rules, which is important. 

If you were to run into issues with a specific tenant, we would help you handle the situation in the most effective way possible while eliminating some stress for you. 

When you have real estate questions to ask us because you are unsure of specific laws or regulations, you can expect us to provide the right answers and guidance when you need it.

Who Can Benefit From Using Our Services?

Many property owners can benefit from the services that we offer at East Coast Management Solutions. The following property owners are among some of the clients we currently have and continue to support regularly.

Multi-Family Property Owners

If you own multi-family properties where several families are living inside a building, keeping track of everything that is going on is a challenge.

Some tenants may have issues that need addressing within their properties, some might need to pay their rent, and others could have an interest in moving into one of the available units within the building.

Running background checks, collecting the rent, and handling problems within the building is too much for one person. You can let East Coast Management Solutions help you with these and other essential tasks.

Condo Owners

As the owner of a condo, you can have hundreds of tenants living inside your property. There is no way for a single person to easily keep track of what is going on, who needs help, who has yet to pay rent, and more. However, we will use a system to keep track of these and other important things for you.

We can even help you find new tenants to move into any units that are available inside the condo. We will pay attention to lease agreements and make sure that tenants are following the rules in the lease without an issue.

Retail Property Owners

Renting a building to people who will use it to sell products, such as clothes and jewelry? The tenants will expect you to maintain the property and keep it in great condition. We can easily help you with that.

Why You Should Choose East Coast Management Solutions

Now that you have learned more about the services we offer, you are probably trying to figure out if you should use our services like many other property owners are doing. 

If you are a landlord, you can benefit from what we have to offer. When you are attempting to self-manage your property, you can quickly become overwhelmed. 

You will start to feel overworked and exhausted because you are doing too much. We want to make sure you are having the most success with your investment properties. You can have more success when you are handing over some of the workload and allowing us to complete tasks that you are tired of handling yourself.

When we all choose to work together, we can get more done, handle situations faster and more efficiently, and keep tenants satisfied. If you are a property owner, you know the importance of keeping your tenants happy. When they are happy, they will continue to want to rent space in the properties that you own.

What You Need to Know About Us

East Coast Management Solutions consists of a team of professionals that are ready and willing to help you with managing your property. We offer assorted property management services, such as rent collection, tenant screening, snow removal, property cleaning, and more. 

You can rely on us to help you with all the different tasks you regularly need to handle. We have a lot of experience working in the real estate industry. Our team is skilled, experienced, hardworking, and ready to help.

Call Us Now for A Free Consultation

If you feel that you could use the extra assistance to manage your investment property, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at (516) 792-1887. We can’t wait to help you manage your property and take away some of the workload so you can focus on the things that really matter.

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