Manage Building Maintenance and Repair
Service in Brooklyn, NY

If you are a landlord, you know how much work goes into managing and maintaining your properties. You need to keep them in great condition while providing a safe place for your tenants to live. 

However, things will go wrong at times. You might not always have the time, energy, or experience needed to complete certain repairs. 

If you are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with all the different tasks you need to complete each day, you can rely on East Coast Management Solutions. We can help you manage maintenance and repairs on each of your properties.

What We Can Do For You

Maintaining a property both inside and outside is important. If you do not have the time to take care of maintenance tasks, our professionals can take care of assorted services for you.

We can handle the landscape by cutting the grass, getting rid of weeds, and picking up any trash that you might find outside. 

When it snows and there is both snow and ice on the ground, we can stop by each of your properties and remove the snow and ice from those areas to keep people from slipping and getting hurt.

While maintaining each property’s exterior is a must, we can also handle tasks inside the property. 

If there is a hole that needs patching or a wall that needs painting, our professionals can take care of the job for you. We will make sure you are satisfied with the services we provide while making your tenants happy at the same time.

Completing Repairs at Random

Sometimes things break or become damaged inside a home. If you cannot handle certain repairs, we can find someone who can take care of these repairs for you. The tenants could contact us directly to tell us about any problems they are having. Once we are aware of these problems, we can send someone out to the property to inspect the problem and repair anything that needs fixing.

We can find vendors to handle the following issues that you might come across at times:
You never know when your tenants might have an issue that they need help with. When you choose to use our services, you know that you will be able to help your tenants in no time without making them wait.
Call Us Now to Get Started

When you need someone to manage maintenance and repairs for your property in Brooklyn, NY, get in touch with East Coast Management Solutions by calling us at (718) 473-0073. 

We would like to help you keep your properties in the best possible condition for your tenants. You might not have time to properly maintain each of the properties that you own, but that is why we are available to help. 

We can take care of maintenance tasks both inside and outside the property. When you need to have something done, we will promptly handle the situation for you. Call us today!