We Can Rent Your Home Fast to A Quality Tenant in Brooklyn, NY

When you have a rental property available, finding tenants is a priority. If you do not have tenants, you are not going to make passive income on your rental property each month.

However, you might not have the time to screen potential tenants because you have a busy schedule and are already overwhelmed with your workload. Let us help you rent your home fast to a quality tenant. 

At East Coast Management Solutions, we can help you find the perfect tenants to live in your rental properties. 

You can call us at (718) 473-0073 to get immediate help!

We Can Rent Your Home Fast to A Quality Tenant in Brooklyn, NY
Performing Background Checks

If you would like to have a background check performed on all tenants, we can complete that process for you. We will verify the information provided to us by potential tenants to ensure that they are truthful when filling out the rental application.

We know you want honest people moving into your property. You do not want to have any trouble with tenants that are going to cause problems and avoid paying their rent.

Going Over Tenant Applications

In addition to the background check, we can go over applications from possible tenants and verify certain things, such as their current place of employment, the amount of income they are earning, and the number of people they plan to move into the property with. 

We can request certain documents from these individuals, including paystubs, bank account statements, and a copy of their credit report to verify their credit score. 

When we gather this information from potential tenants, we are doing so to ensure that they have a way to pay the rent each month. We also want to lower your risk of not receiving rent payments on time.

Finding the Right Tenants to Move Into Your Property

Your investment property is important to you. While you are allowing people to move in and live there for several months or years, you still want to make sure they are taking care of the property that you have spent so much money on and worked so hard to renovate. 

We know that not all tenants are good tenants to have, but we will weed through applicants to find the right people to rent your properties. Rather than performing a lengthy search and going through the rental applications on your own, you can depend on East Coast Management Solutions to help you rent home fast to a quality tenant.

Call Us Now to Find the Perfect Tenant For Your Property

Because we can help you find a reliable tenant at a faster pace, you can start earning your passive income in no time. We can even collect the first, last, and security deposit from the tenant for you. If you would like us to start collecting rent payments for you, we will do that, too. Our purpose is to make your job a lot easier. 

When you need help finding ideal tenants to move into the properties that you are currently renting, you can rely on us to complete the work involved in finding those people. If you are ready to have the perfect tenants, call us at (718) 473-0073 today!